Wedding Hashtag Ideas - A One Stop Shop

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

The greatest legacy that millennials will leave in the wedding world - the wedding hashtag.  Here you'll find many wedding hashtag ideas.

Does one even need to designate a wedding hashtag?  Not really.  But then you leave the door open for your guests to come up with one (or many).  And it may not be one you like.

A wedding hashtag collects your guest snaps in one place for easy viewing.  Which is especially important if you don't have a photographer.  Or less hours of photography coverage.

Also, creating one is easy and fun! Here's how to go about it:

  • Whatever tag you choose, see if it's already in use.  It may be tied to images that you don't want associated with your wedding.
  • Keep it short!  More memorable and easy to apply.
  • The most straightforward method is to combine your last names.  To ensure that the tag stays unique, simply add your wedding year at the end. #smithjames2016.
  • If you have last names that can combine into a cute pun, go for it!  For example, a friend's maiden name was "tchu" and her husband's name is "cook".  Voila:  #cookandtchu.
  • You can also combine well known nicknames.  
  • Drop your name into a phrase or pun inspired by: Song lyrics, quotes, movie titles, catch phrases, inside jokes, etc. Though, if the phrase is too obscure, guests will be left scratching their heads.
  • If creativity eludes you, use a wedding hashtag generator.  Wedding Wire's is the best I've found so far.  I like how it takes into account nicknames and wedding location to generate something more personalized.