Barndiva Wedding with Kelly and Adam

Monday, October 24th, 2016

The venue did a fabulous job setting up for Kelly and Adam's Barndiva wedding.  Which is great because...

Kelly and Adam are a laid back couple who didn't want to spend a lot of time posing or worrying about wedding logistics.  Instead, they wanted to get down to the business of enjoying time with their family and friends.  I knew we would get along from the moment their dryly humorous responses in the client questionnaire cracked me up.  

The couple mentioned that Dragonly Farm (which belongs to their floral designer Dragonfly Floral) was a popular portrait location close to Barndiva.  We arrived to find not only a quaint farm, but a beautiful clearing of tall trees, pond with ducks, and all manner of rustic tchotchkes.  I took the couple's wishes to heart and blazed through our early afternoon portrait session. Despite this, we managed to get a multitude of beautiful shots.

Barndiva is one of those turnkey venues that doesn't require additional decoration. The unique art inside and outside the restaurant, coupled with the arching trellises in the outdoor dining space, provided plenty of character and atmosphere.  Coupling that with the couple's stylish duds (check out Kelly's vintage inspired beaded wedding dress!) and a few floral arrangements from Dragonfly, and boom - modern rustic wedding chic with no fuss.

The funnest part of the evening occurred right after dinner.  At this time, a large, wedding cake shaped pinata was brought out. Suffice it to say that a blindfolded Adam went to town on it, to everyone's amusement.  I'd never seen anything like it, and appreciated the unique, quirky touch.

I wish them all the best! 

healdsburg wedding

And then we arrived at Barndiva...

barndiva wedding