Imagine this

It's your wedding day.  Family and friends trickle into the venue.   Following the ceremony, you slip away from festivities for private time with your better half, reveling in the start of your married life.  You resurface, and conversations ensue.  Toasts are given.  Dances danced.  The sun slips over the horizon.  The entire time, you're focused on what really matters - each other, your family, your friends.

A few weeks later, you pour over your wedding photographs.  Photographs of stolen moments.  Flattering portraits of both of you.  Light, framing, and composition all taken into account to highlight the beauty of your wedding details, venue, and guests.  All with your having been none the wiser.

That's what you can expect from me.

A Bay Area wedding photographer... 

...I'm inspired by travel, design, and nature.  If curious, you can browse my travel photography.  For more on my style, check out this blog post. When I don't photograph weddings,  I write, hike, do yoga, travel. Music constantly plays. Nerding out and helping others with newfound knowledge is my thing.  In general, it feels better to create than consume.

I love thoughtful details.  Warm-hearted couples.  Venues nestled in nature.  My fave couples are those who unleash their creativity in designing their wedding but live in the moment with family and friends the day of.